Personal Loan, Credit ScorePersonal Loan, Credit Score

Can I Get a Personal Loan With a 500 Credit Score

Personal Loan, Credit Score
Personal Loan, Credit Score

Having a 500 credit score or lower presents obvious challenges when attempting to borrow money from mainstream lenders requiring good creditworthiness. But specialized personal loan programs and alternatives exist helping those with quite poor credit still get access to financing for pressing needs through careful research and persistence.

While certainly limiting compared to those enjoying 700+ FICO ratings that unlock the very best interest rates from anywhere, don’t assume a 500 score makes a personal loan impossible. In fact over a dozen options exist where borrowers with damaged credit profiles may still find approval.

What’s Considered A Very Bad Credit Score

Personal Loan, Credit Score
Personal Loan, Credit Score

The most commonly referenced credit scoring model used by the vast majority of lenders is the FICO score ranging 300 to 850. So what’s deemed a “very bad” score that signals high risk of loan default needing remedies before most banks or credit unions will lend money?

  • 500 to 579 – Considered very poor and may prevent approval
  • 580 to 669 – Still below average but some options exist

So FICO ratings below 580 firmly enter high risk categories across most unsecured lending products like credit cards, auto loans, and online personal loans from traditional providers.

Applicants in 500 to 579 ranges can absolutely still get personal loan money just likely not from mainstream sources. Specialty finance companies going the extra due diligence on such borrowers may provide help.

Why 500 Credit Scores Prevent Approval

Personal Loan, Credit Score
Personal Loan, Credit Score

Very bad credit signals historical financial mismanagement to most lending decision makers. Either paying bills late, defaulting on past debts, overusing credit cards, collections and related black marks provide objective reasons why those with 500 FICO ratings struggle getting approved for new money loans.

Specifically such concerning background flags include:

  • Maxed out credit cards
  • Payday loans still owed
  • Unpaid tax liens
  • Collections for medical/utility bills
  • Repossession of cars/property
  • Foreclosure/evictions
  • Bankruptcies within past 7 years
  • Little real credit history established

This mix of negative indicators means default risks on new unsecured personal loans remain quite high unless thorough vetting and alternative structures provide lenders enough reassurance.

Online Lenders For 500 Credit Score Financing

In years past, consumers with terribly low 500 credit scores had essentially no good options when needing a personal loan whether a few thousand dollars or up to $30,000 and higher. Local bank denials were nearly guaranteed. However the tables turned thanks to specialized online lending networks catering to risky borrowers previously cut off and prone to very pricey payday loans or worse loan sharks.

These online options began recognizing that many people face financial mistakes in life from illnesses, divorces, deaths, or employment issues – and yet still deserve second chances rebuilding credit via carefully managed installment loan structures. While still priced higher accounting for default risks compared to those with 700+ FICO histories, it opened borrowing avenues previously unimaginable.

Names to research specialized in offering personal loans to 500 credit scores include:

The key advantage from such alternative online lenders is using advanced data science and recognition some past money troubles stemmed from unavoidable scenarios now stabilized – which opens doors borrowing money again. Albeit certainly at higher than prime interest rates but far better than outright denials or worse borrowing sources.

Just remember repayments must remain in good standing or risk cutoff from future financing options.

Friends/Family As Personal Loan Option

An often overlooked financing source for those with bad credit: loans from people close to you. Without needing credit checks thanks to personal familiarity and trust, friends or family may provide low or even zero interest small personal loans avoiding outside lender denials and fees.

However, failed repayments also risk permanently damaging vital relationships as money issues breed resentment. So only pursue this extremely private route once less emotional institutional lending routes prove unavailable and be certain the friend/family finances can spare funds lost.

Structured expectations early detailing exact repayment schedules in writing protect both sides. Small claims court remains an option too if unincorporated lending agreements go awry.

Using Collateral To Secure Loans

While traditional unsecured personal loan approvals stay elusive carrying 500 credit scores, consumers do have options like borrowing against or surrendering assets serving as collateral backing the financing until amounts get fully repaid over months/years.

Vehicles, jewelry, stocks, bonds are common assets pledged allowing lenders recourse securing repayment on money lent to applicants with questionable credentials otherwise.

Be warned failure repaying such personal loans means forfeiture of beloved assets surrendered so weight carefully against genuine emergency borrowing needs versus simply nice conveniences possibly losing items of importance or value if budgeting falters.

Among the more extreme collateralized personal loan options also requiring extensive considerations and planning:

401k/Retirement Financing

Tapping IRA/401k plans looking to borrow from yourself while paying relatively low interest can release funds quickly. Just ensure workplace plan rules allow loans and amortization schedules fit realities. Early withdrawal penalties for defaulted loans also means retirement savings take a hit needing many years to recover.

Payday/Title Loans As Emergency Options

With online personal loan provider approvals scarce carrying 500 credit, last resort emergency funding does exist through payday and vehicle title loan sources – albeit both short-term Band-Aids with steep rollover fees eroding eventually to zero principal gains only keeping aggressors at bay.

So pursue these very carefully as temporary reliefs only after all other avenues for improving scores, tapping assistance resources, or adjusting budgets prove thoroughly exhausted first. Interest rates often exceed 400% APR ballooning unmanageably fast plus wreck credit farther. Their speed and non-credit qualifying ease simply can’t outweigh overall contractual risks long run.

Rebuilding & Boosting Scores For Better Rates

Regardless the personal loan option selected ultimately while saddled with awful 500 credit, simultaneously begin diligently addressing root factors keeping scores low interfering with cheaper future borrowing rates from top tier providers once current debts experience on-time resolutions.

  • Dispute any inaccuracies with bureaus
  • Pay down balances
  • Negotiate fixes to current late/missed payments
  • Let time lift serious infractions like bankruptcy/foreclosure farther into past
  • Signup for credit monitoring alerts

With focused diligence raising scores into mid-600s, 700s unlock much greater personal loan approval chances from lenders offering the very best borrowing rates reserved only for those representing prime low-risk applicant categories thanks to years perfecting financial good standing.

So initially set sights on simply securing some workable personal loan to overcome the present emergency hurdle through higher rate stopgap financiers tolerating 500s. But simultaneously strive elevating credit health cleansing past burdens until ratings where all financing and money borrowing options shine brightly with open doors.


A personal loan with a 500 credit score stays challenging but becomes achievable through persistence and creativity. Seek specialized online networks created exclusively approving higher risk applications. Provide collateral securing lending as added incentive. Earmark wages automatically ensuring comfortable repayments meeting promises.

Most importantly, implement monitoring and money management disciplines preventing recurrence of similar scenarios. In time, blemishes fade and credit rebuilding shifts focus becoming eligible for new lending options at far better interest rates befitting diligent financial profiles.

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