fastest way to raise your credit scorefastest way to raise your credit score

What’s the Fastest Way to Raise Your Credit Score

fastest way to raise your credit score
fastest way to raise your credit score

A low credit score drags you down in life, costing you thousands on high interest rates and lost opportunities. Thankfully quick improvements are possible when you target the right corrective areas for maximum impact in minimal time. Read on for fast-acting tips to lift your credit score higher so you open financial doors ASAP!

Obtain Your Credit Reports

fastest way to raise your credit score
fastest way to raise your credit score

Start by checking your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Federal law guarantees free access to these complete reports annually from the centralized site so you understand exactly which dings, missed payments or other issues are deflating your score before moving to address them.

Review All Negative Items

Carefully review all reported late payments, collections, delinquencies, public records, inquiries and closed accounts under each bureau and make note of damaging entries appearing across multiple reports for priority fixing.

Dispute Inaccuracies

If you spot accounts that don’t belong to you or identify reporting errors like payments wrongly marked late that you have records of paying on time, file disputes immediately with each bureau by mail, phone or online. Getting unverified negative items permanently deleted gives a nice bump.

Check Different Scoring Models

Also note cards and loans indicate bureau FICO credit scores versus Vantage Score numbers can differ substantially, so track both scoring models with monitoring sites to gauge success raising each.

Pay Down Balances

Sky high credit card balances inflate credit utilization percentages, so tackling balances promptly can greatly boost scores as this factor comprises 30% of your rating.

List All Cards and Balances

Write down all credit cards and revolving accounts along with associated balances owed, credit limits and interest rates. Adding up the total credit extended versus amounts utilized provides useful context.

Pay Down Highest Utilization Accounts First

Direct as much extra monthly payment resources as possible toward cards maxed out closest to the limit first while paying minimums on the others for now. Freeing up headroom underneath limits quickly deflates utilization metrics torpedoing scores.

Increase Credit Limits

If paying down current statement balances completely proves difficult, call issuers requesting increased credit limits with no obligation to actually charge more long term. Higher limits alone mathematically drop utilization percentages improving that heavy-hitting category.

Add Positive History

fastest way to raise your credit score
fastest way to raise your credit score

Length of credit history holds meaningful weight in scoring calculations. Pursue adding seasoned accounts to your reports even without responsibility for charges or repayment to build up this longevity factor fast.

Ask to Piggyback Accounts

Close trusted friends/family with strong payment histories often don’t mind making you an authorized user on longtime credit cards still open from their early credit building years. Their positive history gets tied to your report for score benefit without you needing to qualify or repay purchases.

Become AU on Old Accounts

Ideally, potential piggybacking accounts originated at least 10-15 years ago so their longevity bolsters thin or damaged reports. Avoid associating with cards currently behind on payments or carrying high balances nearing limits.

Remove AU Status After Boost

After around 6 months of an authorized card enriching your credit history depth during it’s open status, request removal to avoid lingering liability for future charges while still benefitting from the account’s aged tenure on file.

Leverage Secured Credit Cards

Qualifying for unsecured credit cards proves difficult with bad credit, but secured credit-builder products require refundable security deposits backing credit lines rather than credit checks for approval odds similar to prepaid debit cards.

Deposit Backs Limit

The card issuer holds deposited funds equal to granted credit limit until you later close the account after establishing positive history. Timely payments get reported to help scores while prepaid nature prevents overspending unsecured cards’ limits. Particularly at smaller local banks and credit unions, secured card terms often prove more favorable than subprime offers.

Graduate to Unsecured Card

After making the first 6-12 months of secured card payments in full and on time, contact the provider to product change or apply separately for one of their true unsecured cards to enjoy benefits without needing an ongoing deposit. Retain the authorized user history builders as supplemental boosters.

Automate Bill Payments

Delinquencies severely damage credit, especially recently. Set up automatic monthly payments of at least the minimum amount due on all open revolving and installment loans to avoid risk of any late fees or reporting dings.

Schedule Auto Pay From Checking

Logging into each creditor, loan servicer, landlord/property manager, utility provider and insurance carrier website to enroll in direct free auto-debit of due sums from your authorized checking account protects perfect payment continuance even during hectic months.

Remember Due Timing Fluctuation

Carving out additional cash above exact due amounts is wise because statement closing date inconsistencies fluctuate periodic payment totals. Have at least that month’s interest padded to be safe. Consider incorporating email bill notifications as well so no statements get overlooked.

Explore Budget Billing Options

Some billing entities like power and cable companies offer programs leveling out periodic due amounts through averaging rather than basing exclusively on fluctuating usage. This assists financial planning, protecting on-time metrics.

Cultivate Enduring Habits

First month quick fixes work short term, but developing positive financial behaviors sustainably boosts your creditworthiness trajectory well into future years permanently after initial improvements.

Never Miss Due Dates

Train yourself to treat minimum or full payment deadlines set by creditors as immovable fixed obligations to uphold coumpoundingly, through automated transfers even when money gets tight. One 30-day delinquency erases 12 months of maintained diligence. Missing 2 payments makes lenders hesitant for years.

Maintain Low Utilization

Keep credit card statement closing balances modest relative to approved limit, ideally under 30% and never exceeding 50% on any one card even if consolidating balances onto another account. Use spending flexibility judiciously, think of limits as outer constraint not aspirations.

Build Savings Buffers

As you increase income over time through career progression, prioritize building emergency cash reserves covering 6+ months fixed living expenses instead of inflating lifestyle. Having savings to tap prevents reverting to credit over-reliance when unexpected crises strike.

Mix and Request Limit Hikes

Work fixed installment loans like auto financing and early-payoff personal loans responsibly into the credit mix alongside revolving accounts. Seek twice yearly credit limit increases from issuers after making at least 6 consecutive on-time payments to maintain ample headroom minimizing utilization ratios.


With a concentrated barrage of urgent score-inflating moves through balance paydowns, automation setup, history additions, heightened diligence and prudent habit adjustments, substantial credit score improvements quickly reach achievable levels for those willing to expend the effort. Fix the past while laying foundations to enrich your financial future!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I raise my credit score 200 points quickly?

The fastest ways to raise your credit score 200 points include becoming an authorized user on old high-limit credit cards with perfect histories, rapidly paying down card balances through lump payments and balance transfers to lower utilization, fixing errors on your reports, disputing negative items, and automating payments.

What is the fastest way to raise your credit score in 30 days?

You can raise your credit score quickest within 30 days by paying down high credit card balances dramatically, becoming an authorized user of longtime family/friend accounts, correcting credit report errors through disputes, setting up automatic bill payments, and aggressively good faith negotiating/paying collection accounts reporting delinquencies.

How can I quickly increase my low 400 credit score?

With a credit score in the 400s, the fastest ways to start increasing it involve getting added as an authorized user on trusted accounts aged over 10 years, taking out a secured credit card and diligently paying on time, pursuing pay-for-delete settlements on collections, keeping reported card utilization under 30%, and disputing inaccurate negative items with credit bureaus.

Can credit score shoot up 50 points overnight?

While rare, credit scores can indeed shoot up 50 points or more literally overnight through rapid correction of reporting mistakes by removing associated negative items after successful disputes, paying down a credit card maxed out dangerously close to its limit, or becoming an authorized user on a generous high-limit card aged over 15 years continuing perfect on-time payment history.

What credit cards help increase score fast?

Using secured credit cards in 6 months of responsible use helps increase credit scores fast by building positive history. Graduating to unsecured cards from the same issuer avoids another hard check. Retail store credit cards also build scores from on-time payments. Understand the incentives and fees to find the best card for your situation.

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