5 Tips to Increase Your Android Device Performance

5 Tips to Increase Your Android Device Performance

Android phones have an addiction to having slowed down after 6 to twelve months of use (or do they?). A phone that turns into as soon as a pace demon starts to sense a chunk sluggish; apps don`t load as quickly, the keyboard takes some time to pop up, and animations grow to be laggy. Many people place this right all the way down to the realities of their phones getting older, and begin considering upgrading to something new.

How to Improve Your Android Performance

  • Free up storage space

If you`re running low on inner storage space, your phone can begin to sluggish down as flash garage overall performance normally degrades while the storage approaches capacity. And flash storage overall performance may be the largest limiting element in how quickly apps load and the way rapid your phone is in general.


It`s usually a great concept to preserve 10 to 15 percent of your phone`s garage loss at all times. But even in the case, your phone isn`t that full, crossing out junk can help overall performance at times. The best manner to lose area is to uninstall apps you don`t use (as we mentioned earlier) and offload your captured pics and films to a PC or to the cloud.

If you`d as a substitute now no longer do both of these things, you could clean out your cache records. Those with masses of garage area probably shouldn`t clean out cache documents that do support overall performance at times. However, the ones suffering to preserve that closing little bit of garage loss can unexpectedly begin fresh.

To clean your cache records, head to the storage phase of your phone`s settings menu. From there, tap cached records and click on Clean or OK to wipe away the cache for each app. Often this could mean losing numerous gigabytes of garage area.

  • Remove Widgets

This tip is straightforward. Home display screen widgets can hog system sources and maintain apps open inside the background. If you’ve got got a ton of widgets, get rid of them, and also you will see a higher overall performance in a few circumstances.

  • Resetting Your Device

Before you get off and throw away your old phone for something newer, it can be really well worth giving it a manufacturing facility reset to see if it speeds up again. Often this works wonders and restores your phone to the way it operated out of the box. The downside? It deletes all of your apps and (optionally) your records as well, so make certain to return the whole thing earlier than you proceed.

The factory reset characteristic may be hidden in quite a few settings menus, but on most telephones, it`s under the Backup, and Reset heading.

  • Clear Minimized Apps

Via way of means of last apps inside the app switcher, you could clearly sluggish down your phone. Apps suspended in RAM are lots quicker to renew than apps you`ve closed entirely. If you hold last the entirety, your phone will need to spend greater time slowly re-launching apps from scratch, and you`re now no longer clearly releasing up machine sources as Android already does this inside the background.

The simplest valid purpose to shut an app in the app switcher is if it`s now no longer running correctly. Boot it from the app switcher, relaunch it, and the machine will need to load the entirety from scratch, optimistically correcting something you had been experiencing.

  • Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

Many Android apps want to run history tactics. The extra apps you’ve got established on your smartphone, the extra history tactics you`ll probably be running. Background tactics eat CPU cycles, probably slowing your phone down and lowering its battery life.

A great manner to solve this hassle is to uninstall any apps you don`t often use. Go via and do away with all the games you performed as soon as or twice, and all of the apps you hooked up as a test. If your phone is the most effective running history tactic for apps you use, you`ll have a smoother experience.

It`s additionally really well worth disabling any system apps or bloatware you don`t use. Did your phone include Evernote, Microsoft Word, or Facebook hooked up? However, do you in no way use those apps? Head into the `apps` menu inside the settings screen, locate apps you don`t use, then click on the `disable` button to rid them of your life.

If you have any other tips, you can also in the comment section below.


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