Blogging For Beginners Start And Make Money 2022

Blogging For Beginners Start And Make Money 2022

How To Start Blogging For Beginners Start And Make Money 2022

Are you a blogger or do you want to become a blogger, this article is for you I will explain anything you have to know about blogging and how to start, and where to start without having any problem.
In this post, I will share some Important Tools that will make your Work Easier and make your journey more confidential, but first, ask yourself why you want to learn to blog because many people are failed from the beginning, and some will buy a domain and hosting but at the end the will just keep the domain and the hosting expired without getting any income which is totally wrong.
Table Of Contents
  • What is blogging
  • How to start a blog
  • Important tools for blogging
  • How to grow your blog

What Is Blogging For Beginners 2022

Blogging simple means writing publishing creating content online for people to benefit, and get paid,
many people are doing blogging to get money while some take it as a passion.
Blogging means creating a blog and posting useful content that will solve people’s content and you will get paid by Adding ads on your Blog like google ads, Taboolar, Mgid, Adsterra, and many more ads networks that will allow you to earn commission from every visitor to your   Blog.

Blogging For Beginners How To Start A Blog

Do you want to start a blog and you don’t know where to start, read this article you will find a way, many people quit blogging because they don’t know the right things about blogging?
Before you can start blogging as a newbie make sure that you have the following things:
Experience to share
Domain name
Niche:– this is the Field of blogging on making sure that you chose a niche before you can rank first on google search engine because many people will just start writing in different niches, that’s why you will find a blog with different types of posts, News, Tech, Entertainment, and many more, people with this blogging strategy most of them are just doing to get Adsense approval and sell it,
Experience To Share:- make sure you have some knowledge to share like repairing phones, cooking food, and many skills just share what people like.
Domain Name:- you need a high level domain name like .com,, .net, .org and many more
Hosting as we all know free things don’t last, so you need to purchase web hosting from a good hosting provider.
Hosting:- web site is where to host your website for you to create a high-quality website you have to purchase a trusted web hosting from hosting or domain providers.
here are some highlighted web and domain hosting.

Some Seo And Important tools for blogging 2022

Bloggers are using some tools to make their blogging journey easier, some of the tools are free while some a paid tools, and some are chrome extension tools,
As a blogger, you have to learn some skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and in this case you need a tool that will help you how to do keyword research.
Are the best SEO keyword research tools that will help you to find a ranking keyword with high volume, 
Some Chrome Extension For Bloggers
  1. Grammarly
  2. Keywords Everywhere
  3. Ahres Seo Tool
  4. Microsoft Excel

How to grow your blog

For you to grow your blog you need to take blogging as a passion, don’t think of getting rich quick, blogging is a slow-growth business all you need is to make sure that you’re practice and research always to make your visitors happy,
Moderate your blog and check for people’s comments and reply to them try to solve people’s solutions always 
Get a social media handle like Facebook Twitter TikTok and always find people’s problems and solve them.
If you’re facing any problems with your blog as a newbie you can drop your problem in the comment box below.

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