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Cheap Airtel Data Plan For 200 1Gb And 1.5Gb 300 Special Offer

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Cheap Airtel Data Plan For 200 1Gb And 1.5Gb 300 Special Offer 2022

Are you looking for the cheapest data Plan to browse websites and social media, are you an Airtel user if yes then calm down today I will share some special Airtel data offer, which is very affordable all you need is to make sure you have a working Airtel line which is support 4G network for you to enjoy this stuff.
As we all know data is life and airtel Data is Not cheap than MTN that’s why Always Airtel users are suffering from subscribing, some users are only browse in the night, because of the money to buy Data is very hight.

Eligibility Of Getting 1GB At 200 And 1.5GB At 300 Very Cheap

This plan is not for everybody is for those that are qualified but don’t worry i will help you with tips to qualify for this offer, so no need of worry just follow the steps below.
This Offer is supports both new and Old sim card Doesn’t matter whether you are using New Or Old Sim.
Make sure that you recharge your Airtel line always with minimum of 100 Airtime card by Pin or Through Bank Account, 
I will provide you with the steps that will guide you to purchase the DATA, But some of the Airtel users may have one offer,
You can see 1GB at 200 or 1.5GB at 300 and you may see both of them.

How To Purchased Airtel Special Data Plan 1GB At 200 And 1.5GB At 300

All you need to do is to Dial *141*241# After dialing just press the call button
it will take you to a menu with a special Offer:-
  • 500MB/100/7Days
  • 1GB/200/7 days
  • 1.5GB/300/7Days
  • 5GB/1000/14 days
These are the special offer any of the following is very cheap and if you did not find like this, just get another Sim card and try again.
After selecting and purchasing you will receive a message like this and you can turn on auto-renew which is Recommended.

Note: Airtel wont Allow you to kept on buying this data Plan, you will only get the offer when you don’t have any data Plan


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