Moniepoint Agent : How To Become A Moniepoint Agent

How To Become A POS Agent With Moniepoint or How To Become A Moniepoint Agent

In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about the Moniepoint POS business – a bold and audacious drive to take financial inclusion to the unbanked across the breadth and length of Nigeria. and to know ways on how to become moniepoint agent here it iaAre you ready? Let’s go!

Which Bank Own Moniepoint?

Moniepoint is a financial product of TeamApt, one of Nigeria’s leading Fintech companies. Initially established in 2019 as an agent banking platform in Nigeria, Moniepoint has now transitioned into a full business. It provides an all-in-one business solution helping millions of small businesses in Nigeria grow. This they do by providing multi-channel payment, credit, insurance, and other financial solutions to businesses, including agents and banks.

They are also fully licensed by NDIC and are PCI DSS certified, ensuring that the security of your card data is securely protected. Indeed, Moniepoint is reimagining the concept of banking by creating safer, smarter, and faster ways to earn, save and transact by building their services around your financial needs.

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Quick Facts About Moniepont

  1. 16 million active users.
  2. 20 million customers served.
  3. 120 million transactions since inception.
  4. ₦23 trillion worth of transactions processed since 2019.
  5. 200,000 merchants onboard.
  6. 36 states and 774 LGA’s served.

Transactions You Can Perform With Moniepoint POS

    1. Cash withdrawal.
    2. Fund transfer.
    3. Airtime purchase.
    4. Payment of utility bills.

  1. How To Register As a Moniepoint POS Business Agent

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Sign up on the Moniepoint website to access the agent registration form.

Enter your full name, email address, phone number, and other required details.

After filling out the information, click the submit button.

A merchant account will be created for you after submitting your form. Login to your account dashboard online or through the Moniepoint app and start transacting business with your account.

Within 48 hours of registration, an Aggregator (someone in charge of agents within your location) will contact and guide you on the next steps to follow.

How Much Does Moniepoint POS Cst?

Moniepoint does not sell its POS machines as it is only on lease for ₦25,000 to deserving merchants who meet the daily transaction target of 20,000 Naira.

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Benefits of Being a Moniepoint POS Agent

Moniepoint is one of the best agent banking platforms in Nigeria. Here is why.

1. Instant Payment

Because they know you would need access to your earned commissions, Moniepoint offers instant settlements to their agents.

2. Good Commission

Moniepoint has some of the best commission rates in the country and very low service charges. Now you see the reason why 200,000 merchants have onboarded already. You can be the next.

3. Good Customer Support

The customer support team at Moniepoint is top-notch. Their support staff team is readily available to help you with any issues. You can quickly reach them via email or WhatsApp, and they will respond as swiftly as possible



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