How To Increase CPM : Adsterra Tricks

Today, you will get adsterra tricks to check with each time you want to ensure your website performs well. This quick guide will make it easier to check the main steps you need to take to move towards increased ad earnings.

As you all know there has to be different way to increase your adsterra cpm for a well earn and to increase the performance of your beloved site.

Among other metrics, the CPM rate has always been paramount. Alhough Adsterra recommends paying primary attention to revenue from ads, CPM is also critical for health-checking your traffic performance.

Earlier, we broke down key reasons for a decrease in the cost-per-mille rate, and now it’s time to focus on how you can increase CPM.

1. Advertising codes update

2. Ad density

3. Ad networks’ scripts

4. Best-matching ad formats

5. Ads diversity

6. Bounce rates

7. User session duration

8. User experience

9. Click-through rates (CTR) with on-click ads

With this simple cheat sheet on how to increase CPM, you can evaluate the most vital metrics and plan a set of actions to reach even better results.

CPM rates don’t freeze; for some websites, they can change within one day. For instance, if you own a sports streaming site, you will increase CPM during the major events but experience a decrease after the event is over.


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