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How To Open A GT Bank Dollar Account Online In Nigeria

There are many ways in which you can open a GT Bank dollar account online in Nigeria.

You must have specific documentation that prove you are qualified to hold a dollar account in Nigeria before you may create a domiciliary (dollar) account there. You are already familiar with the specifics of these documents, so you shouldn’t have too much.

But you must be aware that before you can register a dollar account with any bank in Nigeria online, they all require distinct but somewhat similar documents. But because they apply to the majority of Nigerian institutions, the standards I’ve listed below should be taken into consideration.

Online, via Internet Banking

1 . Online, via Internet Banking. Fill in our simple online application form. We will just need a few bits of information, and you’ll need to be aged 18 years or over.

On Your Mobile (GTWorld)

2. On Your Mobile (GTWorld) Fill in our simple online application form.

In Branch

3. Pop into any GTBank branch and our staff will be happy to help. In busier periods when staff may not be immediately available, we’ll be happy to book an appointment for a later date.

What you need to apply

If you are a non-account holder, you will need to open a Domiciliary Account with the following documents


Completed (USD) Domiciliary account form

2 (Two) Referees

1 (one) recent passport photograph

A recent Utility Bill

A copy of your Driver’s License or International Passport

An issuance fee of N1,000 (or it’s equivalent in dollars).

If you already have a GTBank Domiciliary Account (USD), you only need the following

Completed (USD) Domiciliary account form

An issuance fee of N1,000 (or it’s equivalent in dollars).

Annual Maintenance fee of $10 (or it’s equivalent in dollars).

You will also need to read and accept our Terms & Conditions.



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