Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Remote Fingerprint Unlock is an app that makes it possible to unlock your computer using the fingerprint sensor on your Android. To use the app correctly, it is important to first install the official Fingerprint module on the PC that you want to be able to unlock. It goes without saying that your device needs to have a fingerprint sensor.

Once you have installed the Fingerprint module on your PC, the only thing you need to do is pair it from inside the app. The free version of Remote Fingerprint Unlock only allows you to pair one computer, but with the PRO version, it is possible to unlock as many PCs as you like. The procedure is straightforward: simply scan your fingerprint when the PC name appears on the unlock screen.

Remote Fingerprint Unlock is a very interesting security app, thanks to which you can unlock your PC from your Android screen using your fingerprint. This allows you to create a far better layer of protection than with just a PIN or a traditional password. In addition to this, you can change the interface layout from the app settings.


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