How do I set up my Exclude from your Taste Profile

Our latest feature is rolling out to on how to set up exclude taste profile , desktop, iOS, and Android starting today. Ready to give it a try? It just takes three simple steps:

Set up exclude taste profile
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  1. Select the playlist of your choice.
  2. Tap the three dots near the top of the playlist.
  3. Select “Exclude from your Taste Profile.”

Note that if you have a change of heart later on, the feature can easily be turned off at any time using the same process.

We’re continuously working to find new ways to further improve the personalization experience by introducing ways to connect listeners, artists, and creators in a unique and enriching way.

And now that you have the scoop on how Exclude from your Taste Profile works.

How does Exclude from your Taste Profile work

With the touch of a button, Exclude from your Taste profile

It lets you keep selected playlists from being exclude in your Taste Profile and reduces the impact they have on your recommendations.

It allows you to tell Spotify which playlist you’d like to impact your recommendations less and set up exclude taste profile

When you exclude a playlist from your Taste Profile.

you can still easily find it in your Home tab, and “liked” songs within the playlist will also be unaffected


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