List Of YouTube users by country

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2023, I don’t have access to the most up-to-date statistics on YouTube users by country. However, I can provide you with some general information about YouTube’s global reach based on the available data at that time. Keep in mind that these figures may have changed since then

YouTube users by country

  1. United States: YouTube has a significant user base in the United States, with millions of active users.
  2. India: India has emerged as one of the largest markets for YouTube, with a massive number of users and content creators.
  3. Brazil: YouTube has gained popularity in Brazil, and the country has a substantial number of YouTube users.
  4. Japan: YouTube is also widely used in Japan, with many popular channels and content creators catering to the Japanese audience.
  5. Russia: YouTube has a substantial user base in Russia, and there are numerous Russian-language channels on the platform.
  6. United Kingdom: YouTube is widely used in the United Kingdom, with a large number of British users and content creators.
  7. Germany: Germany has a significant number of YouTube users, and there are many popular German-language channels on the platform.
  8. France: YouTube has a substantial presence in France, and there are numerous French-language channels and content creators.
  9. South Korea: YouTube is popular in South Korea, and there are many Korean-language channels on the platform.
  10. Canada: YouTube has a significant user base in Canada, with many Canadian content creators and channels.

List Of YouTube users by country (in million):

India 🇮🇳 – 467
USA 🇺🇲 – 247
Indonesia 🇮🇩 – 139
Brazil 🇧🇷 – 138
Russia 🇷🇺 – 106
Japan 🇯🇵 – 102
Mexico 🇲🇽 – 80.6
Germany 🇩🇪 – 72.6
Pakistan 🇵🇰 – 71.7
Vietnam 🇻🇳 – 62.5
UK 🇬🇧 – 57.6
Turkey 🇹🇷 – 57.4
Philippines 🇵🇭 – 56.6
France 🇫🇷 – 52.6
South Korea 🇰🇷 – 46.4
Egypt 🇪🇬 – 46.3
Italy 🇮🇹 – 43.2
Thailand 🇹🇭 – 42.8
Spain 🇪🇸 – 40.7
Bangladesh 🇧🇩 – 34.5

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Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and YouTube has a global user base with users from various countries around the world. The popularity and user base can vary over time, and it’s recommended to refer to the latest official reports or surveys for the most accurate and up-to-date information on YouTube users by country.


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